Upopolis FAQ’s

Is there a cost for Upopolis?

Upopolis is free for youth!

Online Referral Process Questions

What is the next step after the referral is made online by a healthcare professional or approved organization at Upopolis.com?
Once the online registration form is submitted, the Upopolis team will approve the application and create a user key. The user key is sent as a link to the email address for the youth provided on the pledge form. The youth will then click the link in the email to complete the set up their Upopolis account. Upon activation of their account, the youth will be given the option to watch a 5-7minute introductory video on Upopolis.

Steps for a new referrer:

  • Ensure the youth meets the Upopolis criteria
  • Complete a paper copy of the Upopolis Pledge with the youth and their parent/guardian.
  • Storage of the pledge is the responsibility of the referrer, please refer to your centers policies.
  • Complete the upper and lower sections in the online referral form on Upopolis.com
  • File the youths pledge or save the youths pledge according to your organizations policies.
  • The referrer’s role is now complete. You will receive an email from the Upopolis team with information on making future referrals.
  • The Upopolis team will verify the referrer. Once this is complete the Upopolis team will generate the user key that will get sent directly to the email the youth provided.

Steps for returning referrers:

  • For future referrals, the referrer will be given a reference number to input into the center section of the online form, allowing the referrer to skip the upper section.
  • The referrer then inputs the information from the pledge form in the lower section of the online form.
  • Once submitted, the Upopolis team will generate a user key, which will be sent as a link to the email provided by the youth within 48 hours.
What is the healthcare professional’s (HCP)/ organization’s responsibility when referring a youth?
It is the responsibility of the HCP/ organization to ensure that the youth they are referring meets the criteria for Upopolis and has complete the Upopolis pledge form. The criteria is that the youth is between 10-18 years of age and has a chronic illness or hospital experience. In addition, they are required to have the youth and their family complete a copy of the Upopolis pledge. The pledge can be printed from Here. Once complete the referrer is to keep the pledge according to their organizations policies.
What do you mean when you say Upopolis is a private, safe, secure, monitored site?

User Sign up

Upopolis is not open to the public or for self-referral, it is a closed private site. All youth and staff are connected by a member of their medical team or organization, all who have been approved by the Upopolis/ KHLF team. This in-person sign up allows us to ensure that all users are youth patients, and that they are using their correct name (First name with last initial) on Upopolis.

Site Hosting

The Upopolis site is hosted on a secure server within TELUS.

Site Monitoring

The Upopolis team review comprehensive digests daily of all the activity that happens on Upopolis.
Users can contact a member of the Upopolis team within Upopolis or email support@upopolis.com to report offensive or abusive content.
After making an online referral for one of my youth patients, do I have any ongoing responsibility?
No, the activity of the youth referred via the online form will be monitored by the Upopolis team. You are asked to keep on file the pledge form. If there is an adverse event and the emergency information you provided is outdated, the Upopolis team may contact you to follow up with the youth and/or family.

Account Related Questions

If the youth notices an error in their profile information (name, DOB, etc) can it be fixed?
Yes! The youth can make some edits using the profile and setting icons in the menu bar that runs horizontal on the screen. For items that can not be edited by the users, they can email support@upopolis.com for assistance.
What if a user forgets their password or user name?
There are options to click on the Upopolis log in page if a user forgets their password, located under the password field there is spot to select. Users may also send an email to the Upopolis support email by selecting, “Contact UPOPOLIS support” or emailing support@upopolis.com for their user name.
How are adults identified on the site?
When an account is created on the site for an adult user, identifiers can be input when generating their user key. Identifiers for adult users are their title in capital letters following their first name.
Are there age guidelines for users on the site?
Yes, the guideline for users on the site is 10-18 years old. This is only a guideline and exceptions can be made for mature children or those who would like to use the site to connect with their supports at home (external users), or youth involved in groups who have private spaces on Upopolis.

Content Related Questions

Sometimes my computer will not download the log in pages or allow me to use the site features. Why does this happen?
The problem you are experiencing has to do with the internet browser you have installed on your device. The site works best with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox; avoid using Internet Explorer.
Is there a way to get email notification for activity in my groups or wall?
Yes, you can choose to get email notifications for messages sent to you on the site and for activity in groups that you have created or are the admin for. Setting (gear icon) →edit my profile→ account information→ notifications → check the box for, “I’d like to receive notifications by email”→ save.
What is a Group Space?
These groups are the official Upopolis Diagnosis groups. If users are looking to find/add friends with the same diagnosis as them, they can look under the members tab in their diagnosis space. UKnow content related to diagnosis will be connected to these groups for diagnosis education.

Leadership Opportunity Questions

Who or what are UPals?
UPals are youth nominated by the Upopolis team, their health centre, or themselves to be a lead user. This role involves welcoming new users, creating public spaces for others to join, providing feedback on improvements and program ideas and more. UPals are users who have experience on Upopolis and have consent from their family to take on the role. UPals count their hours on Upopolis for their school volunteer hours.
How does a UPal get the opportunity to be a UMentor?
Once users turn 19 years of age they are transitioned off the site. At this time, UPals’ involvement within the site over the time they served in this role is reviewed. UPals can be offered the opportunity to complete the UMentor training program and once complete, they become a UMentor.
Who or what are UMentors?
UMentors are youth 19-22 years old with previous experience as a Upopolis user. This role involves providing mentorship, support, and creative content for our users. Typically, two or three youth at a time serve as UMentors on the site following their UPal role and competition of the UMentor training.