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Blood Work

Blood Work

What is Blood Work?

You may hear that the nurse has to do blood work. This just means that the doctor has asked for you to have a blood test. In order to have a blood test, the nurse has to take some of your blood.

The nurse will place a tourniquet around your arm, above your elbow. The tourniquet is a rubber band that is gently tied around your arm. It may feel a little tight, but do not worry, it will only be on your arm for a short time.

The tourniquet helps to show where your veins are. Your veins are where the nurse will take some blood for the test. 

The nurse will first clean the area where you will be having the blood work, an alcohol swab is used this may feel cool on your skin.

A small needle will be used to get some blood for the test. The blood will go in vials, special containers that store your blood.

When you are done, the nurse will place a small band-aid over the spot where you had the blood work.


If you have any questions about the operation, always ask!

Check out Starlight foundation Blood test game by right clicking on the bloodwork clipart below!

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