Helping youth connect for positive patient outcomes

We’ve created a safe social platform for youth living with medical conditions and other stressful life challenges to connect to others with similar experiences as they navigate their journeys. Powered by TELUS, we’re a safe and private peer support network with many therapeutic and social benefits to help improve patient outcomes for youth that are 10 to 18. As care moves toward an outpatient approach, Upopolis offers ongoing psychosocial care beyond a youth’s local community and access to a team of child life specialists who provide support before, during, and after treatment or other programs.

Helping your clients

The first thing you need to know about access to Upopolis is that we care about safety above everything. For this reason, youth need a referral from you, their medical professional or program leader, in order to create a profile on our platform. But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy. We will provide your team with resources, education, training, and support to help you get set-up to make youth referrals for your clients.

Look at what Upopolis provides

Once they have access, youth can start using UKnow, a medical library and other resources that are age-appropriate, diagnosis, condition or situation specific content that’s been verified by Certified Child Life Specialists. They can talk to peers, mentors, and professionals to prepare for upcoming tests, procedures and situations, alleviating their fears and anxieties through empowerment and education. Our platform encourages youth to get involved in their own care and coping by joining diagnosis and situation-related discussions, all under the supervision of professionals who are actively monitoring the site. Youth are also invited to express themselves creatively by blogging, posting photos, and by joining “groups” based on their interests and condition or challenge. This helps alleviate the social isolation that often accompanies life challenges. The UPal and UMentor programs on Upopolis also enhance their leadership skills and earn them mandatory high school volunteer hours that may otherwise not be possible due to illness, hospitalization, family situation or activity restrictions.

You hold the key. How to refer your clients to Upopolis

To ensure the safety of our users, a healthcare professional must first be verified by our staff before a youth referral can be made. Once approved, your organization will be granted access to refer clients for the entire year. Just fill out the form below or send an email to our Program Manager Krista at support@upopolis.com to get started.

Are you already approved?

If you have already completed the approval process, skip to section 2 and 3 of the form below to refer a youth. For more details on the referral process, visit the FAQ page.
Please note that the individual making the referral must work directly with the youth being referred. The youth and their family need to complete the Upopolis User Pledge Form before joining.
The pledge form can be sent to : support@upopolis.com as a photo or scanned document.

Refer a Youth

Upopolis is not only for youth living with chronic or critical illness

Upopolis provides different online spaces for youth living similar life experiences. Whether you suffered from the loss of a loved one or have a sibling who lives with a chronic or critical illness, Upopolis provides other spaces where you could share your thoughts and life experiences.

Learn more about theses spaces: