Joining our safe network can work wonders

The first thing you need to know about access to Upopolis, powered by TELUS is that we care about safety above everything. For this reason, you must have a medical professional refer your child before they can create a profile. We’re sure that the more you learn about how Upopolis helps your child on their medical journey, the more you’ll see the value in joining our free platform. So, we’ve made it as easy as possible while maintaining safety and confidentiality by providing this online referral form,
Ask your doctor to complete it and then contact us to get started. Need assistance? We’re here to help. Contact our Program Manager, Krista Naugler support@upopolis.com and she’ll be happy to assist you.

Chronic illness should never be a lonely road

There’s a whole community of like-minded youth and experienced healthcare professionals waiting to connect. It’s a social network that’s unlike any other. A safe and private place where chronically ill and hospitalized youth between 10 and 18 years old can connect with others who understand what they’re going through, because they’ve gone through it too.

It’s therapeutic, empowering, and educational

Upopolis, empowers your child to play an active role in managing and coping with their diagnosis. They can ask questions and get answers from experienced child life specialists and youth mentors. Upopolis users get access to UKnow, a medical library that’s full of fact-checked, age-appropriate, medical information, and videos to help them prepare for and understand their treatment at their own pace. If your child has a medical diagnosis, faces activity restrictions, or experiences extended hospital stays, Upopolis can be an uplifting experience on their medical journey.

Uncompromising safety

Putting safety measures in place on Upopolis was the first consideration when we began the platform. We constantly monitor the closed network and the only adults with access are experienced healthcare professionals who are trained to work with youth. They monitor all conversations and have the ability to remove any content that they deem unhealthy or inappropriate. You can’t get access without a referral from a healthcare professional. Users are never anonymous; they are identified using their real name and they sign a pledge of responsibility. Only after being verified can they join the platform. These measures help eliminate the risks and negative behaviours that result from anonymity on other social networks. We are aware of all content and user activity on the site and will intervene whenever necessary. Our first priority is to ensure your child is always safe while using Upopolis.

There’s a community waiting for your child on Upopolis

Upopolis is a safe, understanding, and supportive community. There’s really nothing else like it. Youth can make “spaces” about their diagnosis or other topics they are interested in. Within these spaces they can take part in blogging, posting photos, and discussions, all while under the safety and supervision of youth mentors and healthcare staff. They’re encouraged to make new friends while unapologetically being themselves and expressing themselves creatively. Upopolis also provides youth with the opportunity to become mentors and be mentored by others. The UMentor and UPal volunteer programs provide peer-to-peer support, leadership development, and the ability to complete mandatory high school volunteer hours which may otherwise not be possible due to illness, hospitalization, or activity restrictions.

YES! I want to sign up for Upopolis

Talk to your doctor and have them complete the referral form here :
Need help? Contact our Program Manager, Krista Naugler support@upopolis.com and she’ll be happy to assist you.


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