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Ace Week is a campaign for raising awareness and educating others about asexuality. The word ace can be used as a short form for asexual, which is traditionally defined as someone who does not experience sexual attraction for other individuals. This definition can be limiting, though, as asexuality can be considered a spectrum, with some asexual people experiencing desire for varying types of physical intimacy. This desire may also fluctuate over time. 

Here are some other terms to be aware of related to asexuality:

Gray-asexual (or graysexual): Sexual orientation where person experiences sexual attraction rarely, under specific circumstances, or without any accompanying sex-drive. Also describes someone who fluctuates between periods of experiencing sexual attraction and periods of not experiencing sexual attraction.

Demisexual: Sexual orientation where person can only experience sexual attraction is strong emotional bond is present. While this bond is required for attraction, it doesn’t guarantee that attraction will occur. 

Asexual people face issues from others involving a lack of awareness, confusion, isolation, invalidation, misrepresentation, and inappropriate healthcare. They are also sometimes excluded from the LGBTQ2S+ community because of a lack of understanding.


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