Coping Styles

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Why is it that some people like to look when they get a needle, while others like to look away?

Coping refers to the processes that you use to adjust or adapt to a stressful event, such as a needle. Coping responses are influenced by many things such as your age, personality, previous experiences, and how stressful you personally find the situation to be.

There are many different ways to classify coping styles… two of which are vigilant and avoidant.

Vigilant copers:

  • Have an awareness of their condition and procedures
  • Seek out information
  • Acknowledge fear and worries related to the stressful situation
  • Want to know what they can do

Avoidant copers:

  • Restrict knowledge and awareness about their condition and procedures
  • Avoid talking about the stressful event
  • Deny fear and worries
  • Can emotionally detach from the stressful event

Which one do you think you are?!


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