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In the early days of Upopolis, a connection was made between two youth, Katrina, and Maggie. These two-youth supported one another and many others during their adolescent years on Upopolis.  Peer support and building connections are two of the key goals for Upopolis. To honor past connections and to celebrate new ones, Upopolis is establishing the Upopolis Connection award. The recipients of the Upopolis Connection Awards will also embody these goals.

Recipients: Youth graduating from grade 12 with a plan for future or ongoing education. All youth in grade 12 will be invited to submit their name for consideration by the Upopolis Child Life team.

Qualifications: Annually up to four youth from Upopolis who apply and have/are:

  • Participated in the Upal program
  • Established connections with other youth on the platform
  • Graduating from high school
  • Enrolled in post-secondary education or an in-person/online course to further their education/ explore their interests
  • Completed an application

Awards: Up to four $250.00 awards  Provided in the form of a gift certificate to the college or university book store or reimbursement for course or courses (up to $250 value) Awards can be used for youth to use to cover the cost or partial cost of courses, purchase books or school swag

Dates: Awarded annually on June 30th with the exception of 2020 (Aug. 8th)

Deadline to apply for Upopolis Connection Awards July 27th, 2020, and annually starting in 2021 on June 1st.

Apply: Youth can put their name forward for consideration by email to suport@upopolis.com with a completed application

Application: click here

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