What is a GSA?

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What is a GSA?

GSA is an acronym that originally stood for ‘Gay-Straight Alliance.’ It has since expanded to be a general term that can include Queer-Straight Alliance, Pride Clubs, and quite common now – Gender and Sexuality Alliances. Many schools have a GSA or equivalent, and they benefit students and staff greatly. In Canada, we don’t have any federal laws protecting GSAs, it’s left up to the provinces, so it’s important to check what policies or initiatives are in place in your region.

All these groups share a common goal of providing a safe, inclusive space for gender and sexual minority youth, and their allies, to be able to freely express themselves, share ideas, find community, talk about their experiences, and receive support without fear of discrimination or judgement. Some common things a GSA might do include advocacy, & human rights issues. You’ll often find them working on education campaigns and initiatives to make their school communities safer and more inclusive for all.

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