What to do when someone comes out to you…

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Coming out can be really scary for the person doing it and takes a lot of courage because you might not know how others will react. You might be wondering what to do if someone comes out to you… I found this awesome quick video that gives 3 tips about what to do when a friend comes out to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw3shRMFSdw


I also wrote out some tips below:

1. The first things you can say are that you love them, you care about them and your friendship with them, and that’s not going to change!

2. Ask what you can do to help them or show your support.

3. Tell them you’re there to talk if/when they’re ready.

4. Thank them for telling you.

5. Respect their privacy. Remember that coming out requires a lot of courage, and you may be one of the few people they’ve trusted with this information!

6. Call or text them frequently after they came out to you so they know you’re still their friend.


Here are some resources:





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